We are LexiBooth.

Ottawa's Favourite Bilingual Photo Booth Service

We’re a team like no other.

We’re more than “just” a professional Photo Booth rental service servicing the Ottawa and surrounding areas.

We’re a group of passionate, young, bubbly and insanely energetic people that are beyond excited to be part of your event.

Our goal is to make your experience easy, flexible and fully customized to your event.

We’ll be your cheerleaders, your creative directors, your party starters, your prop giver, your pose suggester and everything else you may need.

Everyone in our team is bilingual, extroverted, bursting with energy and way too excited to answer to your e-mails.

It’s a big deal for us that you choose the LexiBooth crew and we’ll make sure that your photo booth experience is unmatched.

Let us know how we can make your next event the best one yet.

“Lexine and her team are AMAZING! We highly recommend her and her team for anything photo booth related! We had the photo booth at our wedding and it was a major HIT, everyone went to take pictures, SO worth it!! LexiBooth is the way to go!”
Maxime Longtin

“We used LexiBooth and were amazed at how personal she wanted to make the experience. Jacob, our guy we had that evening was amazing and kept the guests coming. Everyone had an amazing time and I can’t recommend them enough! The personal touch was perfect and helped make our wedding perfect.”
Stephanie Lynn McWallburke

“This was a last minute decision for our wedding that turned out to be one of the best decisions! We loved it and everyone at our wedding loved it. The attendant was punctual, friendly, and professional. He made conversation with everyone and could answer any of our questions! We were happy with the design process of our print out. They took our invitations as inspiration and added a few details that really pulled in our wedding theme. We were really unsure of timing when we booked, but they were incredibly flexible. If they still have availability for your event, I would definitely book them!”
April Woods